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Lista de acrónimos

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En las últimas semanas/meses he estado recopilando acrónimos, siglas y abreviaciones que son usados en inglés, la mayoría los he encontrado en el twitter de EnglishBlogCom

He aquí una lista de los que he podido encontrar, si véis que falta alguno, por favor comentadlo e iré actualizando conforme vayan apareciendo 🙂

IRL – In Real Life
JIT – Just In Time
ISBN – international standard book number
ETA – estimated time of arrival
GMT – Greenwich Mean Time
w/ -with
GPS – Global Positioning System
attn. – (for the) attention (of)
ppl. – people
JIT – Just In Time
gigo – garbage in garbage out
FYI – for your information
FYA – for your attention
exc. – except
ty – thank you
gh/nh – great/nice hand (in poker)
gj – great job
n1 – nice one
‘sup – what’s up
‘course – of course
’cause – because
gl & hf – good luck and have fun
pub. – publisher, published by
a.l. – autograph letter
feat. – featuring
dept – department, deputy
conf – conference
condo – condominium
bbl – barrel (of oil)
aux – auxiliary
apt. – apartment
2u – to you
CEO – chief executive officer
pls – please
esp. – especially
aka – also known as
mag – magazine
bro – brother
CUZ – because
IOW – in other words
SYL – see you later
BFN – bye for now
OMG – oh my God
NP – no problem
ORLY – Oh, really?
ROFL – rolling on the floor laughing
LOL – laughing out loud (lots of laugh)
IDK – I don’t know
BTW – by the way
DIY – do it yourself
BRB – be right back
BBL – be back later
IRL – in real life
admin – administrator
auth – authorization
AD / BC – In the year of the Lord (from the Latin “Anno Domini”) / before Christ
P.M. / A.M. – after noon / before noon (from the Latin “post meridiem” and “ante meridiem”)
PS – postscript
sth, smth – something
etc. – and so on (from the Latin “et cetera”)
i.e. – that is (from the Latin “id est”)
e.g. – for example (from the Latin “exempli gratia”)
vs. – versus
et al. – and others (from the Latin “et alii”)
IMO – in my opinión
ASAP – as soon as possible
acct – account
pm – private message
IMHO – in my humble opinión
IMPOV – in my point of view
faq – frequently asked questions.
FYI – for your information
NB – take note (from the Latin “nota bene”)
ed. – editor, edition, edited by
dept. – department
narr. – narrator, narrated by
NIM – not in the mood
msg – message
DM –Direct message
n/a – not applicable to
AFAIK – As far as I know
J/K – just kidding
thnx, thx – thanks, thank you
BBL – Be back later
BRB – Be right back
Blog – Weblog
VIRUS – Vital Information Resources Under Seize
Wi-Fi – Wireless Fidelity
HD – High Definition

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  1. Estoy encatado de encontrar articulos donde leer informacion tan util como esta. Gracias por poner este post.


  2. FIFO.- First imput first output (utilizado en la industria y otros sitios. Indica que lo primero que entró en el almacén es lo primero que debe salir o ser usado)

  3. TYVM= Thank you very much

  4. Cristobal Leonardo Pardo Escobar

    FYI and AF ??

  5. Hola, ¿Sabéis si “Nº” se usa en inglés? Yo diría que no pero no me quiero mojar… jeje

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