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Vocabulario, colocaciones y phrasal verbs sobre la naturaleza

Vocabulario, colocaciones y phrasal verbs sobre la naturaleza



Seguimos con un “poco de todo”, en esta ocasión relacionado con nuestra madre naturaleza y todo lo relacionado con ello. Espero que os esté resultando útil estos pequeños resúmenes sobre temas concretos, ya que falta poco para finalizar esta pequeña serie:


Air pollution – Contaminación atmosférica
Everybody should avoid air pollution.
Average temperature – Temperatura media
The average temperature was 15 degrees.
Bottle bank – Contenedor de vidrio
In my city there are a lot of bottle banks.
Energy problems – Problemas de energía
The power station got some energy problems.
Football hooligans – Aficionados radicales/vándalos del fútbol
The bus was full of football hooligans.
Pollution products –Productos que contaminan
All spray deodorants are pollution products.
Power stations – Estaciones eléctricas
The city had a lot of power stations.


Vehicles exhaust fumes – Humo del tubo de escape de los vehículos
Vehicles exhaust fumes are called pollutants.


Biodegradable materials –Materiales biodegradables
The bin was full of biodegradable materials.
Chemical waste – Vertidos químicos
We pollute the sea with all kinds of chemical waste from factories and power stations.


Developed world – Mundo desarrollado
We live in a developed world.
Good advices – Buenos consejos
My father always gives me good advices.
Great canyon – Gran cañón
Great canyon is one of the most symbolic parks in the United States.
Great clouds – Grandes nubes
Look at those great clouds boy! It will certainly rain.

Heavy rain – Lluvia copiosa
Yesterday we stayed at home because of the heavy rain.
Light pollution – Contaminación suspendida
The air is full of light pollution that we cannot see.
National Park – Parque nacional
There are some species protected in the national park.
Poisonous smoke – Humo venenoso
The power station contains poisonous smoke.
Private cars – Coches privados
Most people in the US have private cars.
Public transport – Transporte publico
The park introduced some public transports to solve the problem of long distances.


Real fur coats – Abrigos de piel auténtica
My mother is against wearing real fur coats.
Recicling waste – Basura para reciclar
The recycling waste is an important way to stop pollution.
Regular shape – Forma regular
This stone has a regular shape.
Remarkable buildings – Edificios importantes
The city of New York has some remarkable buildings.
Second hand – Segunda mano
My father has a second hand car.


Solid stone – Piedra sólida
The Egyptians built the pyramids with solid stone bocks.


Unwanted results – Resultados indeseados
These substances are the unwanted results of modern living.


(to) Affect one’s health – Afectar la salud
Pollutants can affect our health.
(to) Pollute one’s surroundings – Contaminar el entorno
We pollute the surroundings with all kinds of chemical waste.
(Pollutant) harm animals – Los agentes contaminadores que dañan a los animales
A lot of pollutants can harm animals and environment.
(to) Reduce pollution – Reducir la contaminación
We should reduce pollution because it affects us very much.
(to) Throw away litter/junk/rubbish – Tirar/arrojar basura
Please, do not throw rubbish into the lake.
(to) Be made of – Estar hecho de
The monuments are made of huge blocks.
(to) Camp at – Necesitar acampar en
They needed to camp at the bottom of the canyon in order to eat.
(to) Carry on the back – Llevar en la espalda
She carried on the rucksack on the back full of toys.
Oil in the beaches – Aceite en las playas
The oil on the beaches is harmful with the environment.
(to) suffer from – Sufrir
The park also suffer from a lack of water.
(to) Consist chiefly – Consistir principalmente
A strike consists chiefly of complaining about an unfair situation.
(to) Take seriously – Tomarse algo en serio
Few problems are taken seriously by politicians.
Most famous – Más famoso
The current most famous tennis player is Rafa Nadal.
Mostly intact – Casi intacto
Some monuments like the pyramids in Egypt are mostly intact.
Break down – Estropearse
The car’s hum broke down and we have to call the tow truck.
Bring in – Introducir algo
The government has brought in a new law to solve energy issues.
Cut down – Cortar
A lot of tress are being cut down to build buildings.
Cut down on – Reducir el consumo
You should cut down on smoking.
Make up – Inventarse
He is a liar. He is always making up excuses.
Send out – Enviar/Emitir, expulsar
Yesterday we sent out the letters to Ireland.
Sit in –Tomar parte en algo
She sat in a number of committees.

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