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Flipped Classroom Unit 2



How the flipped classroom works? Watch this video:

Also, you will need to know how Evernote works in order to do the exercises correctly:




Session 1:

  • Watch the following video and pay attention to the different types of feelings and emotions she describes them.

  • Write down and complete on Evernote these sentences:


  • I’m feeling ____ .
  • I usually feel ____ nervous when I go to a party.
  • This bed is so comfortable! I’m very ____
  • We’re visiting Japan for the first time. We’re ____ !
  • It’s my mum’s birthday today and all the family is here. I’m very ____ .


Adjectives to describe feelings?

  • Translate the next feelings into Spanish on Evernote:

Session 2:

  • Watch the following video and pay attention to the differences between some and any:


  • Write down and complete on Evernote these sentences using some or any:


  • Tom, can you check if there is _____ meat in the refrigerator?
  • We’d like _____ beef with potatoes, please.
  • Lisa hasn’t got _____ eggs left. Can you bring her _____ ?
  • I haven’t got _____ time. I must hurry to work!
  • Can you give me _____ lemons for the lemon pie I am making?


Session 3:

  • Read the text “Alton Towers” from the book on page 13 and complete the exercises 1,2,3, and 4 on Evernote.
  • Now, watch and enjoy this video related to “Alton Towers”.


Session 4:

  • Watch the following video and write down on Evernote the examples that you can see in the video:


Session 5:

  • Read the text “A description of a scene” from the book on page 17 very carefully, the next day at class you will answer some questions related to the text.
  • After that, watch the following video called “The Skill of Describing”:

Session 6:

  • Read and listen the dialogue from page 16 on the book and after that do the exercises 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 on Evernote.
  • After that, write down on Evernote an essay about the necessary steps to have a conversation in the real world (strategies to follow, polite questions, etc…).

Session 7:

  • Read the text “Crime at the Campsite” on page 10 and write down on Evernote what would you do if you go camping.
  • After that, try to collect vocabulary related to public transports on the Internet in order to do an essay about that in the next class.

Session 8:

  • Watch the next video called “5 Minute Guide to Kahoot” in order to know how Kahoot works because in the future we will use it:

Session 9:

  • Make a revision of the different topics seen in this unit for the exam of the next class.