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Lista de 100 expresiones partitivas en inglés [2]

Seguimos con la lista de expresiones partitivas. Si quieres ver la primera parte, pincha en este enlace.

a glimmer of hope

Un rayo de esperanza

The president gave us a glimmer of hope when he promised to look into the issue.
a sense of humour

Sentido del humor

He lacks a sense of humour, and his laughter never sounds real.
a pang of hunger

Una punzada de hambre (aunque personalmente utilizaría la expresión “sonar las tripas”)

I felt a pang of hunger, and knew it must be getting close to lunchtime.
a block of ice

Un bloque de hielo

How long do you think it’d take for this block of ice to melt?
a scoop of ice cream

Una bola de helado

You don’t really need three scoops of ice cream on your apple pie, do you?
a piece of information

Una pieza/elemento de información

There was an important piece of information missing from the report.
a plea of innocence

Un alegato de inocencia

He maintained his plea of innocence, even though everyone said he was guilty.
a touch of irony

Un toque de ironía

There was often a touch of irony in his voice when he spoke.
a jar of jam

Un tarro de mermelada

If you leave a jar of jam open on the bench, the ants will find it.
a glass of juice

Un vaso de zumo

I’d like a glass of juice, but only if the juice is freshly squeezed.
an act of kindness

Un acto de bondad

A simple act of kindness to a stranger is a wonderful thing.
a piece of land

Un pedazo de tierra/terreno/solar/parcela

My grandfather bought this piece of land over a hundred years ago.
a peal of laughter

Una carcajada

We heard peals of laughter coming from her bedroom.
a ray of light

Un rayo de luz

As dawn broke, rays of light rose from behind the mountains.
a flash of lightning

Un destello/relámpago

The sky was lit up by flashes of lightning.
a work of literature

Una obra de literatura

Poems, plays, novels and short stories are all works of literature.
a stroke of luck

Un golpe de suerte

Was finding her there a stroke of luck, or did he know she’d be there?
a piece of luggage

Una pieza de equipaje

You can carry one small piece of luggage onto the plane.
a case of measles

Un caso de sarampión

Was it really a case of measles, or another disease that looked like measles?
a slice of meat

Un trozo de carne

Put one slice of meat into every sandwich, with some lettuce and tomato.
a dose of medicine

Una dosis de medicamento

I was given a dose of medicine that tasted like liquid chalk.
a bottle of milk

Una botella de leche

Every morning the milkman would leave two bottles of milk on our doorstep.
a litre of milk

Un litro de leche

How many litres of milk do we need?
a piece of music

Una pieza musical

That was one of the most beautiful pieces of music I’ve ever heard!
an item of news

Una noticia

Who decides if something becomes an item of news, or not?
a litre of oil

Un litro de aceite

How much does a litre of oil cost?
a coat of paint

Una capa de pintura

The house did look better after a coat of paint. But really it needed two or three coats.
a piece of paper

Un trozo de papel

I wrote his number on a piece of paper and slipped it into my wallet.
a crime of passion

Un crimen pasional

His lawyer said it wasn’t premeditated murder, but a crime of passion.
a dab of perfume

Un poco de perfume

A couple of dabs of perfume on my neck, and I was ready to go.
an abuse of power

Un abuso de poder

Using falsified evidence to justify a war is a criminal abuse of power.
a sign of respect

Un signo de respeto

In many cultures, bowing to someone is a sign of respect.
an act of revenge

Un acto de venganza

He’d harmed many people in his life, so his murder was probably an act of revenge.
a bowl of rice

Un plato/bol/cuenco de arroz

Would you like another bowl of rice?
a pile of rubbish

Un montón de basura

We found the bottles dumped in a pile of rubbish behind the factory.
a glass of rum

Un vaso de ron

After drinking four or five glasses of rum, I felt sick.
a plate of seafood

Un plato de marisco

How many plates of seafood should we order for the party?

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