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Frases y expresiones en inglés sobre el mundo animal

Finiquitando con el tema animal, a continuación vamos a ver una serie de frases, expresiones y más vocabulario que suelen usarse cuando nos queremos referir a este campo tan especial y que me gusta tanto (y como echo de menos a mi perrita).


  • Animal behaviorist – Adiestrador de animals
    I went to see an animal behaviourist to fix my dog’s bad attitude.


  • Animal kingdom/world – Reino / mundo animal
    Darwin studied the animal kingdom.


  • Animal protection charity – Organización benéfica para la protección de los animales
    That animal protection charity is raising money for abandoned dogs.


  • Breed animal – Variedad animal
    There is a huge breed animal in the Chicago’s zoo.


  • Cat flap – Portezuela para que el gato entre y salga de casa
    Our cat can come in and out of the house through a cat flap.


  • Four-legged – Objeto o animal de cuatro patas
    A dog is a four-legged mammal.


  • Four-legged friend – Amigo de cuatro patas
    We usually call our pets four-legged friends.


  • Guide dog – Perro guía
    My dad is blind that is why he needs a guide dog.


  • Household pet – Animal de compañía
    Because of the age of my grandma she needs a household pet.


  • Husbandry animal – Animal dedicado a la agricultura
    The chinese oxes are used as husbandry animals.


  • Lapdog – Perro faldero
    I can’t stop laughing when I see that lapdog.


  • Pet-care book – Libro sobre el cuidado de los perros
    I have bought an interesting pet-care book.


  • Pet dog – Perro de compañía
    Everybody should have a pet dog during their childhood.


  • Pet owner – Propietario/dueño de mascotas
    You should love your pet if you want to be a good pet owner.


  • Pet questionnaire – Cuestionario sobre animales
    You can fill out a Pet Questionnaire at this pet shop.


  • Pet shop – Tienda de mascotas
    Pet food – Comida de mascotas
    Yesterday I bought pet food in a pet shop.


  • Self-confident – Seguro de uno mismo
    I wish I was like George, he’s so self-confident.


  • Slaughter house – Matadero
    I got sick when we visited a slaughter house in Texas.


  • Stray dog – Perro callejero
    I like to feed every single stray dog that I see on the street.


  • Behavioural problems – Problemas de comportamiento
    Most owners should be trained to deal with the behavioural problems of their pets.


  • Barking noise – Ladrido
    My dog William made such a loud barking noise that my neighbor reported me.


  • Bright dogs – Perros inteligentes
    I’d had Dobermans before and I know they’re very bright dogs.


  • Dirty animal – Animal sucio
    Pigs are the dirtiest animal I’ve ever seen.


  • Dumb animal –Animal bobo
    Felix’s dog is a pretty dumb animal.


  • Furry rabbit –Conejito de peluche
    A furry rabbit would be suitable for the little girl.


  • Huge animal – Animal enorme
    Great Danish are very huge (animals).


  • Lemon essence – Esencia de limón
    Dogs don’t like the smell of lemon essence


  • Long-term commitment – Compromiso a largo plazo
    Keeping a pet is a long-term commitment, which many people don’t realise.


  • Lousy animal – Animal pijoso
    Homeless dogs are very lousy animals.


  • Pain-relieving electrical device – Chip para aliviar el dolor
    My dog was given a pain-relieving electrical device that he wears when he eats.


  • Reputable breeder – Criador (de animales) serio/acreditado/de confianza
    I got my dog as a puppy from a reputable breeder.


  • Scaly-backed animal – Animal con el lomo cubierto de escamas
    Snakes are scaly-backed animals.


  • Sharp-tongued – Lengua mordaz
    He hurt me with his sharp-tongued while everybody was laughing at me.


  • Slimy animal – Animal baboso
    Bull dogs are very slimy (animals).


  • Claw the furniture – Arañar los muebles
    My last cat clawed the furniture all day.


  • Go red – Ponerse rojo
    I spent the whole time going red in the face and apologizing to people.


  • Run a campaign – Presentar una campaña
    GreenPeace is running a poster campaign saying: A dog is for life.


  • Unlock the cages – Abrir las jaulas (que están cerradas con llave)
    In zoos I always have this urge to unlock the cages of the animals.


  • Bark at (something) – Ladrar a
    My dog is always barking at objects like post-boxes.


  • Be kind to something / somebody – ser amable con
    I hope the little boy would be kind to the new white mouse.


  • Be receptive to something – ser receptivo a
    Dogs are the most receptive to animal therapy.


  • Claw at something / somebody– Arañar
    The cat clawed at the rope, trying to free himself.


  • Eat fairly – Comer lo suficiente
    I think my fishes are sick, they don’t eat fairly.


  • Hard-earned – Ganado con el sudor de la frente
    Many people spend their hard-earned money on psychologists.


  • Painfully thin – Tan delgado que da pena
    The dog I picked up from the street was so painfully thin that I thought he wouldn’t


  • Tremendously hard – Tremendamente duro/a
    Our pet’s training took over two years of tremendously hard work.



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