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If you want to learn a language, learn it

Hace un tiempo me encontré con este texto con el que comparto el 100% de lo que expresa (lo malo, es que no sé quién lo escribió). Sobre todo ahora que estoy intentando aprender búlgaro. ^_^`

“Don´t be scared if the grammar is difficult, the sounds give your tongue a hernia, the writing system is cumbersome, or there are more empty beer cans in your house then there are speakers of that language. The worst thing that can happen is that you don´t get it. The best thing that can happen is that you see inside someone else´s heart, someone else´s soul, and most precious of all, a whole group, perhaps of billions people, cease to be cardboards cutouts and magically turns into humans, with problems you can relate to, good news they can celebrate with you, business to conduct, and untranslatable wisdom to share. For all you know, the most powerful things you will ever say, the last goodbyes, the first life-changing I love you, the first words you say to your newborn child, for all you know, these things aren´t mean to be said in English. If you want to learn a language, learn it. Every day you choose not to, you choose to forsake those irreplaceable moments that you´ll never share, with replaceable people in your life that you´ll never be able to meet in English.”

if you want to learn a language

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