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Phrasal verb: Make (for, into, out, out with, out to be, up, up for, of, off)



Make for

Definición 1: Mover hacía algo.


  •  He already made for home when you arrived.
  • Make for those tables, they are coming to have lunch.


Definición 2: Contribuir, causar, liderar hacia algo.


  •  Both teams are really good, so it makes for a good football match.
  • This screwdriver will make for a great gift for my father.


Make into

Îñíîâíûå RGB

Definición: Convertir una cosa en otra.


  •  He made his old garage into an office.
  • Lots of practice will make you into a fluent English speaker.


Make out


Definición: Gestionar, manejar, tratar.


  •  How did you make out on your math test?
  • How is he making out with his recent divorce?


Make out with


Definición: Phrasal verb de uso coloquial que significa besarse y abrazarse (achucharse, etc…).


  •  I have seen you making out with Jennifer in the park!
  • Baby, let´s make out!


Make out to be


Definición: Pretender, parecer.


  •  He made himself out to be a great musician.
  • She made herself out to be a unforgetable date, but she completely failed.


Make up


Definición 1: Maquillarse.


  •  You need some make up if you want to be pretty.
  • The actors make themselves up before going on stage.


Definición 2: Inventarse una historia.


  •  He made a story about how he traveled for free!
  • None of this is true, your friend made the whole story for nothing, she´s a liar.


Definición 3: Ser amigable (o llevarse bien) con alguien.


  •  You should make up with my sister, if you want to be her friend.
  • Ian and Marc made up and they are friends again.


Definición 4:  Estar hecho de algo, componer algo.


  •  My father is made up of old fashioned values.
  • The government was made up of all the regional managers.


Definición 5: Preparar algo para alguien.


  •  The bedroom is ready, I just have to make up the bed for you.
  • Make yourself up, we´re leaving in ten minutes!



Make up for

Definición: Recompensar por algo, reemplazar..


  •  She spent three weeks with her family to make up her long time absence.
  • I ruined your cup of wine, but I hope this bottle of red wine I bought you makes up for it.



Make of


Definición: Entender, encontrar una razón.


  •  I don´t know what to make of her behaviour.
  • Can you make anything of the movie Interstellar? I don´t get it at all.



Make Off


Definición: Tener prisa, escapar.


  • The thieves had to make off in their truck when the police arrived.
  • They had to make off under the house when they were found out by the FBI.

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