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Vocabulario, colocaciones y phrasal verbs sobre estilos de vida

Seguimos viendo, en este caso, todo tipo de vocabulario relacionado con el estilo de vida que uno puede tener. Es un poco largo, ya que hay multitudes de expresiones que pueden ser usadas (y muchas que seguramente me deje), pero siempre viene bien tenerlo a mano.


  • Amount of rubbish – Ganar dinero
They throw away so much amount of rubbish that their neighbours have complained
  • (Good / bad) Career move – (Buena / mala) decisión para la trayectoria profesional
People must think over the opportunities that their career moves offer in case they do not like a job.
  • Car repair –Reparación de coche
In this garage you can have the cheapest car repairs done.
  • Company job – Compañía de trabajo
I think that Nintendo is the best company job in Japan currently.
  • Country girl – Chica de campo
Despite living in the town, I am a country girl.
  • Department stores – Grandes almacenes
I love going shopping to department stores.
  • Employment market – Mercado de empleo
This new approach to work coincides with radical changes in the employment market.
  • Family benefit – Beneficio familiar
Family benefit solution is a company which helps families with problems.
  • Family life – Vida familiar
Some people have a different idea about family life.
  • Home computer – Ordenador de mesa
Do you own a home computer or a laptop?
  • Lifetime employment – Empleo vitalicio / de por vida
Working as a teacher can be a lifetime employment.
  • Maternity leave – Baja por maternidad
In Spain women have four months of maternity leave.
  • Microwave oven – Microondas
It is more difficult to cook without having a microwave oven.
  • Piano player – Intérprete de piano
I know a really good piano player.
  • Pop singer – Cantante de pop
Her biggest wish is to become a pop singer.
  • Quality of life – Calidad de vida
Modern working conditions are destroying the quality of life.
  • Security guard – Guarda de seguridad
There should be more security guards at university.
  • Service industry – Sector servicios
Nowadays service industry is the most predominant sector in the developed countries.
  • Sport centre – Centro deportivo
A sport centre is fairly attractive for men.
  • Steel industry –Industria de acero
In China the steel industry has improved in last years.
  • String of sentences – Una serie de frases
There is a string of sentences in Italian that I’m not able to translate.
  • Television audience – Audiencia televisiva
The television audience has grown up.
  • Television set – Televisor
Can you turn the television set on, please?
  • Time consuming work – Trabajo que ocupa mucho tiempo
If you want to earn real money, you are going to have to have a time consuming work.
  • Traffic lights – Semáforos
Those traffic lights in the 5th Avenue are not working.
  • Washing machine – Lavadora
This jacket needs cleaning, so put it in the washing machine.
  • Window cleaner – Limpiador de ventanas
We need a good window cleaner for tomorrow.
  • Woman boss – Jefa
Some day I would like to become a woman boss and run my own business.
  • Word of advice – Consejo
May I give you a word of advice?
  • Zoo-keeper – Cuidador del zoo
The profession of zoo-keeper is fairly dangerous.
  • Better-balanced life – Vida (major) equilibrada
Some jobs do not let their workers have a better balanced life.
  • Discursive essay –Ensayo discursivo
Politicians’ speeches are based on discursive essays.
  • Effective ways – Formas efectivas
There are many effective ways for that.
  • Electric toaster – Tostadora eléctrica
When I got married I had an electric toaster.
  • Equal opportunities – Las mismas / igual oportunidades
Companies should give men and women equal opportunities.
  • Hard work – Trabajo duro
Working as a police may be a hard work.
  • Heavy industry – Industria pesada
The heavy industry has a lot of demand in Germany.
  • Improvement of family life – Mejora de la vida familiar
Having a dynamic work may make an improvement of family life.
  • Large amount of money – Gran cantidad de dinero
The more you work, the larger amount of money you will have.
  • International Bank – Banco Internacional
Abbey is a well-known Spanish international bank.
  • Linking words – Palabras de enlace
A good essay needs all sorts of linking words.
  • Living room – Sala de estar
Could you wait for me in the living room?
  • Long-hours work culture – Cultura de trabajar muchas horas
The Chinese are a good example of long-hours work culture.
  • Manufacturing industry – Industria manufacturera
The manufacturing industry has many investors at this moment.
  • Material success – Éxito material
When he was young he looked forward to material success.
  • Old fashioned factories –Industrias pasadas de moda / tradicionales
On that street a lot of old fashioned factories can be found.
  • Personal experience – Experiencia personal
Nowadays it is more important to have some personal experience than a university degree.
  • Personal responsibility – Responsabilidad personal
If you do want to succeed as a student, you had bet ter have some personal responsibility.
  • Precious little time – Tiempo valioso
A break to play with your children is a precious little time when you are stressed.
  • Professional people – Gente profesional
There are a lot of professional people without employment.
  • Public transport – Transporte público
I do not like public transports in Murcia, they are the worst in the country.
  • Radical Changes – Cambios radicales
The weather has suffered radical changes because of the pollution.
  • Single minded pursuit – Único objetivo
Her single minded pursuit in life was to be as happy as possible.
  • Social change – Cambio social
We can observe the social change that our country has experienced.
  • Social trend – Tendencia social
In the last couple of years the social trend was wearing expensive labels.
  • Stressful positions – puesto de trabajo estresante
Many people are swapping their stressful positions for less demanding work.
  • Time-consuming work – Trabajo que quita mucho tiempo
Reducing time-consuming work would improve workers’ quality life.
  • Urgent treatment – Tratamiento urgente
He needed an urgent treatment for his sickness.
  • Working conditions – Condiciones laborales
When you get contracted, you have to accept some working conditions.
  • Working life – Vida laboral
At the moment her working life is very sacrificed.
  • (to) Do an apprenticeship – Hacer un aprendizaje
In your school you can do a good apprenticeship in electricity.
  • (to) Earn money – Ganar dinero
Mike earned a large amount of money since he was promoted.
  • (to) Fulfil an ambition – Llevar a cabo una ambición
He’s happy now that he has fulfilled his ambition.
  • (to) Get home – Llegar a casa
Please call me as soon as you get home.
  • (to) Give one’s view – Expresar el punto de vista
I think you should give your view in this topic.
  • (to) Keep a job – Mantener un trabajo
My brother’s boss has got angry to him. So he should work harder if he wants to keep his job.
  • (to) Make a mistake – Cometer un error
It is very easy to make a mistake in Maths exam.
  • (to) Make money – Hacer dinero
Long-hours work culture looks for making more money.
  • (to) Make (somebody) aware of – Concienciar a las personas
The ecologists have to make people aware of the climate change.
  • (to) Make / reach a decision – Tomar una decisión
I always wanted to have a farm, but I took a year to make the decision to downshift.
  • (to) Make a success of something – Hacer un éxito de algo
That novelist knows how to make a success of every book.
  • (to) Reduce staff – Reducir plantilla
Downsizing is when a company reduces staff in order to cut expenses.
  • (to) Rethink one’s life – Replantearse la vida
People start to rethink their lives once they want to spend time doing other things.
  • (to) Run a business – Llevar/dirigir un negocio
We visited a car factory run by robots. I’m running a bed and breakfast place in the country now.
  • (to) Take an active part in – Participar activamente
Both parents should be encouraged to take an active part in looking after their children.
  • (to) Take care of somebody – Cuidar de alguien
She likes taking care of her little sister.
  • (to) Take a decision – Tomar una decisión
I’m an indecisive person and consequently I find it hard to take decisions.
  • (to) Take a long, hard look (at) –Estudiar detenidamente
Taking a long, hard look at our privileges can help us have more gestures o f solidarity with others.
  • (to) Take responsibility for – Responsabilizarse de
This text talks about ‘taking personal responsibility for your career’.
  • (to) Be stuffed with something – Abarrotado de algo
Your bedroom drawers are stuffed with almost three times as many clothes as you need.
  • (to) Eat up the world – Comerse el mundo
Teenagers just want to eat up the world.
  • (to) Get accustomed to somebody / (doing) something – Acostumbrarse a alguien / (hacer) algo
I’m trying to get accustomed to my new soldier’s hair crew cut.
  • (to) Have a great deal of stress – Mucho estrés
When you are doing exams you can have a great deal of stress.
  • Life is passing us by – la vida pasa por nosotros
When we do not pay attention to our relatives life is passing us by quickly.
  • (to) Make a success of something – Hacer algo exitoso
If you have luck you can make a success of something.
  • (to) Recover from – Recuperarse
Jack has just recovered from his illness.
  • (to) Spend money on something – Gastar dinero en algo
People use to spend money on unnecessary things.
  • (to) Talk about – Hablar sobre
Talking about your problems can help you solve them.
  • (to) Think about / of – Pensar sobre / en
I will think about your proposal / I’m always thinking of you.
  • (to) Eat out – Comer fuera
I’ve just been paid so I invite you to eat out.
  • (to) Gradually get used to (doing) something – Acostumbrarse a (hacer) algo
She is gradually getting used to living alone.
  • (to) Make redundant – Ser despedido
You can be made redundant if you are a temporary worker.
  • (to) Read carefully – Leer detenidamente
Please do read carefully this page.
  • (to) Take personally – Tomarse (algo) de forma personal
As a dentist, it gets me down when people arrive shaking with fear. I take it personally.
  • (to) Travel overnight –Viajar durante la noche
As a musician, I travel overnight to a different gig each evening.
  • (to) Work hard – Trabajar duro
You have to work hard to find a job yourself.
  • Completely different – Completamente diferente
The picture looks completely different now.
  • Fully automated – Completamente automatizado
My new car is fully automated.
  • Highly payed – Muy bien pagado
That highly payed job probably won’t let you spend enough time with our family.
  • Highly pressured – Muy presionado
When you have so much work to do you are highly pressured.
  • Normally used – Usado con normalidad
A pen is normally used to write.
  • Probably true – probablemente cierto
I am not sure, but it is probably true.
  • Totally convinced – Totalmente convencido
I’m totally convinced of having passed my last exam.
  • Well paid – Bien pagado
My new job is far nicer, though not as well paid.
  • Close down – Cerrar (un negocio)
It was the recession really that closed us down.
  • Eat up – Devorar
I’m so hungry that I’m going to eat up the meal.
  • Find out – Enteresarse / Averiguar
Take that dictionary and find out what this word means.
  • Get away from – Escaparse
The prisioner got away from his guards.
  • Get by – Arreglárselas
While I’m doing an apprenticeship, I’ll have to get by without much money.
  • Get on – Llevarse/Irle
I get on well with my new boss. / My nephew is getting on well with his new job.
  • Get over – Recuperarse, superar
He never got over being made redundant / Could Jane and Sue get over their problems?
  • Get through – Aprobar / Consumir, terminar, contactar
I hope you get through your exams./ I’m going to take some work home because I haven’t managed to get through it all today.
  • Go back – Volver
Do not go back, look forward!
  • Go out – Salir
I like going out with my friends.
  • Look after – Cuidar
Looking after my pup is a sheer pleasure for me.
  • Pass (somebody) by – Pasar de largo, pasar de cerca de
A black limousine passed by when she looked out the window.
  • Set out – Emprender un viaje, salir
She set out at dawn for town.
  • Sum up – Resumir
The conclusion of an essay sums up the whole text.
  • Throw away – Lanzar fuera
This T-shirt is very old, so I’m going to throw it away if you don’t mind.
  • Wear out – Desgastar, agotar
Travelling overnight wears you out after a while.

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