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Vocabulario, colocaciones y phrasal verbs sobre la personalidad

Continuamos una vez más, con esta entrega en la que mediante numerosos ejemplos, veremos las diferentes personalidades que pueden haber en una persona (tanto físicas, como emocionales).


Importance of saving – Importancia de ahorrar
They learned the importance of saving during the global crisis.
Jaw line – Línea de la mandíbula
My jaw line is like my mother’s.
Olive Skin – piel trigueña/cetrina
She has olive skin like her mother.
Parents’ footsteps – Pasos de los padres
She wants to become a dancer following her parents’ footsteps.
Best friend – Mejor amigo
When we were young he used to be my best friend.
Medium height – Altura media
The medium height of my class is 5 feet 11 inches.
Medium weight – peso medio
The medium weight of my team is 75 kg.
Multiple personality – personalidad múltiple
An actor/actress has to be able to have a multiple personality.
Self-confident – Seguro de uno mismo
Mark is really self-confident with girls.
Self-conscious person – Persona cohibida/insegura
Tom is a pretty self-conscious professional while talking in front of public.
Shaped eyes – Forma del ojo
Laura and her mother have the same shaped eyes.
Useful profession – Profesión útil
That can be a useful profession for your future.
Worst enemy – Peor enemigo
Sometimes your worst enemy can be found in your family.
Fight with somebody – Pelearse con
My elder sister likes fighting with people.
Learn the importance – Aprender la importancia
Alexandra needed to learn the importance of saving.
Possess qualities – Poseer cualidades
What qualities do you think your mother possesses?
Wear glasses – Llevar gafas
Harrison and his father both need to wear glasses.
Come to a conclusion – Llegar a una conclusión
We both looked in the mirror and came to the same conclusion – we are identical!
Run in the family – Ser/venir de familia
There are any special characteristics that run in your family?
Look angrily – Mirar airadamente
The actress had to look at her co-star angrily at one point in the film.
Bad tempered – Malhumorado
Mark has really bad temper when he gets upset.
Completely wrong – Completamente equivocado
The referee was completely wrong about that penalty.
Slightly foreign – ligeramente extranjero
Amalia’s English sounds slightly foreign.
Very demanding – Mue exigente
The English teacher was very demanding last year.
Fall out with – Tener un disgusto con alguien
I fell out with my mother because she did not wanted to take me to Valencia.
Find out – Encontrar
I better find out who is the one that wrote this letter.
Grow up – Crecer, madurar
I grew up in a small village with my brothers and sisters.
Keen on – Que tiene interés por algo/alguien
He seems keen on my sister.
Look like – Parecerse
I look like my uncle Pepe.
Look on – Considerar a alguien como
She looks on us as her friends.
Pick up – Recoger
Sandra will pick me up later on.
Put somebody off – Desanimar
Does your mother ever try to put you off acting?
Sound like – Sonar como
His voice sounds like a dog barking
Stand by – Estar dispuesto a ayudar
His mother will stand by him for whatever he needs.
Take after – Parecerse a alguien
Oliver is a big boy that takes after his father very much.
Turn up – Aparecer
He finally turned up at three o’clock.

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