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Vocabulario, colocaciones y phrasal verbs sobre posibilidades


Glass doors – Puertas de cristal

My cousin broke the glass doors with his ball.


Kind of temptation – Tipo de tentación

There are different kinds of temptation.


Lottery tickets – Décimos de loteria

Guillermo sells lottery tickets every day.


Mood swing – Cambios bruscos de humor

That girl has constant mood swings.


Sense of guilt – Sentimiento de culpa

He has a sense of guilt because he brok me my heart.


Subject of publicity – Objeto de publicidad

Models are subjects of publicity.


Tabloid newspapers – Periódicos de formato grande

They sell tabloid newspapers at the church.


Big money – Mucho dinero

My associate owes me big money


Crowded room – Habitación abarrotada

The supermarket is always crowded.


Emotional panic – Pánico emocional

When I see a cockroach, I feel emotional panic.


Important meeting – Reunión imporatante

I have an important meeting on Tuesday.


Jackpot winner – Ganador del premio gordo

Many journalists visited the jackpot winners the day after their win.


Little handbook – Manual pequeño

I lost my little handbook in the bus.


Recurring nightmares – pesadillas que se repiten

Lately, I am recurring nightmares.


Regional office – Oficina regional

My uncle works in the regional office.


Social responsibility – Deber social

Having all that money implies a sort of social responsibility.


Sudden win – Victoria inesperada

The team got a sudden win.


Terrible state – Estado terrible

Your city sustains a terrible state.


Whole thing – Todo

Let’s forget the whole thing.


Becoming suspicious – Sospechar

Since he won a large prize he has become suspicious of all his friends.


Make the right decision – Tomar la decision correcta

Take your time and make the right decision.


Win the lottery – Ganar la lotería

Anyone winning the lottery will inevitably attract publicity.


Be in control – Estar en control, tener dominio propio

If I appear to be in control, it will give my child more confidence.


Be in debt – Estar en deuda

If I won the lottery, I would no longer be in debt.


Be in shock – estar en estado de shock

He was on shock after the accident.


Be on edge – Estar nervioso

My partner was on edge when the exam started.


Burst into tears – Echarse a llorar

I burst into tears because I lost my wallet with 200 €.


Check into – Registrar

When I arrived at the small town, I checked into a local hotel.


Cope with – Arreglárselas con

Will you able to cope with so much responsibility?


Deal with – Tratar con

You have to deal with professionals.


Go over – Revisar

To go over newspaper in one’s mind.


Sort out – Poner en orden

Thanks to the wage increase, I was able to sort out all my family’s debts.


Top of the range – El mejor (de su clase o ámbito)

I’d love to have a top of the range chef who could cook all different types of food.


Try to point out – Intentar resaltar

We just try to point out the pros and cons of the lottery.


Fast-flowing river– Río bravo, que fluye rápido

A fast-flowing river descends from the mountain.


Personally speaking– Propiamente hablando

Personally speaking, I disagree with your opinion.


Run endlessly – Correr una y otra vez

I was running endlessly to take the bus.


Shout nervously – Gritar nerviosamente

My mother shouted at me nervously because I did not clean my bedroom.


Turn upside down – Cambiar, poner al revés / patas arriba

Nowadays, the world has turned upside down.


Fairly standard – Bastante correcto

Your reaction was fairly standard when you lost the train.


Break down – Averiarse, estropearse

The car broke down during the journey.


Get out – Sacar

I can’t get it out of my mind.


Get up early – Levantarse temprano

Every day, my father gets up early to go to work.


Go in – Entrar

He goes in through the door.


Go over – Repasar, revisar

I am going over my homework.


Leak out – Filtrarse (información)

A journalist has leaked out the information.


Point out – Señalar

Everybody pointed out to that girl


Pull away – Arrancar (vehículo)

The car pulled away hastily.


Pull back – Correr (las cortinas), tirar hacia ti mismo

I have pulled back the courtains.


Pull up – Parar

A black car pulled up beside me.


Run out of – Quedarse sin algo

I run out of money so I decided to earn money.


Take off – Quitarse la ropa

I took off my clothes because I was hot.


Turn upside down – Volver algo del revés

I turned upside down the socks in order to wore them.

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