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Vocabulario, colocaciones y phrasal verbs sobre publicidad

Después de un tiempo de descanso, volvemos con una nueva entrega de “un poco de todo” sobre un campo específico. En esta ocasión, vamos a tocar el tema de la publicidad, aunque también hay algunos ejemplos que no cumplen del todo el requisito 😛

De cualquier manera, espero que os gusten los ejemplos 😉


Action-packed movie / ad – Una película / un anuncio lleno de acción
Television audiences of the 1960s might have been shocked by an action-packed movie of today!
Advert for chocolate – Anuncio de chocolate
I love adverts for chocolates. My mouth always waters, when I watch them.
Bike chains – Cadenas de una bici
Grease is good for bike chains.
Car advert – Anuncio de coches
I bet Rafael Nadal earned a lot for that car advert.
Expert on advertising – Experto en publicidad
Bob Garfield is an American expert on advertising.
Hand cream – Crema de manos
The best ad of the year was for esencial hand cream.
High-quality production – Producción de alta cualidad
Spielberg only gets involved in high-quality productions.
Make of product – Marca (de un producto)
‘Adidas’ is a particular make of product.
Television audiences – Audiencias de televisión
Television audiences of the 1960s were not so demanding as nowadays.
Top footballers – Futbolistas números uno
I’ll always remember an ad they put on TV with a whole team of top footballers from around the world.
TV advert – Anuncio de televisión
The students read a text about a TV advert.
(Advertising) Film Festival – Festival de cine (publicitario)
In the south of France a parallel Advertising Film Festival is also held.
Casual clothes – Ropas sport / de diario
The actor looks like a normal person and he’s dressed in casual clothes.
Certain / unsure speaker – Hablante seguro / inseguro
When the sentence is read as a statement, the speaker is certain.
Catchy jingle – Tono pegadizo
He always buys mobile phones with catchy jingles.
Cunning ad – Anuncio inteligente (astuto)
This ad is really inspired. Cunning. Brilliant.
Deep message / character / voice – Profundo mensaje, personaje, voz
His tales are very well-known for their deep message.
Doleful eyes – Ojos tristes
My basset hound usually has a sad facial expression, with doleful eyes.
Dramatic ending – Final dramático
The story is not disapointing at all, as it a good storyline and a dramatic ending.
Droopy ears – Orejas mustias, caídas
My basset hound usually has a sad facial expression, with droopy ears.
Enormous budget –Enorme presupuesto
That recent advert for computers must have had an enormous budget.
Graceful vehicle – Vehículo (que se mueve) con elegancia
We saw an ad of a graceful silver vehicle moving through an unusual landscape.
High budget, voice… – Alto presupuesto / tono de voz…
It couldn’t have been Tom Cruise on the voice-over. His voice is higher than the one played over the film.
Huge influence, variety, budget, market, picture… – Gran influencia, variedad, presupuesto, mercado…
Seeing famous people on screen can be a huge influence on us.
The special effects of that ad were incredible. The budget must have been huge … all for one advert!
Low budget / voice – Bajo presupuesto, tono de voz…
Argentinian movies are famous for their excellent actors and low budgets.
Major source – Principal fuente
Busy roads are a major source of irritation to drivers.
Memorable tune – Melodía memorable
A jingle is a short, memorable tune, often with words, used to advertise a product.
Misleading beginning / apariencia – Comienzo / apariencia engañosa
The beginning of the ad is a bit misleading. It’s a bit of a let-down when you realize it’s just another car advert!
Narrow variety / market / picture / view – Miras etc. estrechas
His view about life is very narrow.
No-nonsense attitude / advert / guarantee – Actitud / anuncio serio (sensato) / garantía firme (eficiente)
The sold us the furniture with a five-year no-nonsense guarantee.
This is a no-nonsense advert, promoting an everyday product.
Now-famous words – Palabras ahora célebres
I love the scene when the actress says to camera the now-famous words: “Tomorrow shall be another day”
Powerful images – Imágenes poderosas
The ad is full of powerful images with exotic places.
Powerful slogan – Slogan poderoso
The most effective ads are those ones with powerful slogans.
Right ingredients – Ingredientes adecuados
That ad’s got the right ingredients to sell the product.
Shallow idea / message / character – Idea / mensaje poco profundo / plano
The water gets quite shallow towards the shore.
His ideas seem to me quite shallow and inmature.
Simple truth – La pura verdad
The simple truth is that the ad failed to enter the ad in time for the festival deadline.
Sophisticated novel – Novela sofisticada
I have just read a sophisticated new novel by a tremendous Scottish author.
Special effects – Effectos especiales
That couldn’t have actually happened. That ad must have used many special effects.
Spoken commentary – Comentario hablado
They used Tom Cruise on the voice-over (or spoken commentary) of that film.
Squeaky chain – Cadena (de una bici) chirriante
Her bike has a very squeaky chain.
Squeaky clean – Limpísimo, super limpio
The place was squeaky clean.
Striking images – Imágenes impactantes
The problem of today’s mass media is that they over use striking images all the time.
Successful TV advert – Anuncio de éxito
That advert keeps coming back on TV. It must be very successful, I suppose.
Unforgettable ending – Final inolvidable
The ending itself is unforgettable – quite spectacular, isn’t it?
Wide variety / market / picture – Amplia variedad, etc.
A wide variety of products are sold in that big store.
(to) A noise (for e.g. a squeak) remains – Seguir / permanecer un ruido (ej. un chirrido)
We tried to fix the car, but the squeak remained.
(to) Advertise a TV program / a product – Anunciar un programa de televisión
Channel 3 is always advertising the same TV program.
(to) Cost a fortune –Costar una fortuna
The latest Sony ad must have cost a fortune to produce!
(to) Hold a Festival – Celebrar un Festival
The Cannes Film Festival is held every May-June in the south of France.
(to) Launch a film / a channel – Lanzar, presentar una película
The ad is launching two new film channels available from a cable TV company.
(to) Make an impact – Causar impacto, impactar
The fact that you remember the character now means he made an impact on you.
(to) Promote a product – Promocionar un producto
Cosmetic firms are always promoting new products.
(to) Read a slogan – Leer un slogan
If you read the slogan, it sounds as if it’s about shampoo.
(to) Reinforce the quality –Reforzar la calidad
By showing failure in a different context, the quality of the product is reinforced.
(to) Ride a bike – Ir en bici
The ad shows a woman riding her bike.
(to) Show the product – Mostrar el producto
Adverts for food always show the product.
(to) Tell a storyline – Contar un argumento
The radio DJ told us a story on air.
(to) Dive off – Zambullirse, tirarse al agua
I like the scene whe the protagonist dives off the deck and swims back to the island.
(to) Drink spirits – Tomar bebidas alcohólicas (de alta graduación)
I don’t drink spirits ! But unfortunately I bet plenty of people were persuaded with that ad to rush out and buy some bottle, though.
(to) Get off – Bajarse de
The old man got off his motorbike to buy some bread.
(to) Rub – Frotar
The woman rubbed some greese onto the chain of her bike.
(to) Sail away – Navegar
Seeing the two kids sailing away on the boat is something spectacular.
(to) Set on – Localizado en
That travel agency advertisement is set on a tropical island somewhere in the Caribbean.
(to) Stick in – Arraigar en
Ads stick in your mind when they contain something remarkable.
(to) Stick to – Ceñirse a
The ads of that serious newspaper stick to text rather than visual images.
(to) Succeed in – Tener éxito en
It’s incredible the way this ad succeeds in telling a story in such a short time.
(to) Brilliantly put together – Montar (una película, un anuncio) brillantemente
There’s one ad I really like, because it’s brilliantly put together.
(to) Personally loathe – Detestar personalmente
I must admit that although I personally loathe the ad, it sells the product pretty well.
(to) Work well – Funcionar bien
I suppose ads do work well when they contain something out of the ordinary.
Totally overwhelmed – Totalmente abrumado
The children were totally overwhelmed by the action-packed cartoons.
Truly successful – Verdaderamente exitoso
Is that coke ad truly successful ? I mean, did you dig into your pocket to buy a bottle?
Well-known – Muy conocido
The actress is really admired for her well-known personality.

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