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Collocations y phrasal verbs sobre moda

Para rematar con el mundo de la moda, después del vocabulario visto en esta parte y posteriormente en esta, vamos a ver una serie de “collocations” y “phrasal verbs” relacionados con la moda:


  • Average person – Persona normal/corriente
    An average person doesn’t wear preppy clothes.
  • Baggy trousers – Pantalones anchos (pantalones “cagaos”)
    I love to wear baggy trousers.
  • Beautiful purple dress – Bonito vestido lila
    She went to the marriage with her beautiful purple dress.
  • Bright colours – Colores brillantes
    I like to wear bright colours because I am a happy person.
  • Casual look – Imagen casual
    A lot of people have a casual look nowadays.
  • Curly hair – Pelo rizado
    She’s got curly hair like her mother.
  • Dresing trousers – Pantalones de diseño
    I’ve just bought a dresing trousers.
  • Famous designer – Diseñador famoso
    I met a very famous designer when I went to Paris.
  • French manicure – Manicura francesa
    Marge knows how to make the french manicure.
  • Good taste – Buen gusto
    I’ve got good taste and I rarely make a mistake when I buy clothes.
  • Hair gold – Pelo rubio
    He changes his look everytime. He’s hair gold hair now.
  • Hair straight – Pelo liso
    When she goes to the hairdresser, she always got her hair straight.
  • Hazel long hair – Melena castaña
    I like girls with hazel long hair.
  • High Prices – Precios altos
    Those labels mark high prices.
  • Huarachi sandals – Sandalias surferas
    In California they wear huarachi sandals
  • Knee-length boots – Botas altas (por la rodilla)
    I wear knee-length boots in winter.
  • Nice tips – Buenos consejos
    I read a nice tips of beauty in the magazine.
  • Old-fashion – Pasado de moda
    Clothes may be old-fashion, but style is never old-fashion.
  • Pink and purple tie – Corbata rosa y lila
    I’ve seen a pink and purple tie. I will buy it!
  • Platinum blonde hair – Rubio platino
    Have you seen her new look? Now she’s platinum blonde hair.
  • Posh designer – Diseñador pijo
    He wants to be a posh designer in the future because he loves fashion clothes.
  • Second-hand clothes – Ropa de segunda mano
    Second-hand clothes can be really cheap.
  • Skinny women – Mujeres delgadas (anoréxicas)
    Clothes are made for skinny women.
  • Slim women – Mujeres delgadas (pero con formas en el cuerpo).
    They are top-models. They are a slim women really.
  • Smarter clothes – Ropa elegante
    On Christmas I wear smarter clothes than usual.
  • The latest fashion – La última moda.
    I try to keep up with the latest fashion.
  • Unisex pieces/clothing – Prendas/ropa unisex
    Designers started doing unisex pieces some years ago.
  • Bathing wrap – Albornoz
    He got two bathing wraps at home.
  • Brand-name – De marca
    He’s just lost his brand-name jacket.
  • Dress code – Normas para vestir
    School got a dress code to wear, so you have to wear a uniform.
  • Dress designer – Diseñador de ropa
    The dress designer weaved weird clothes.
  • Dress parade – Desfile de moda
    Last night I was invited to a great dress parade of the best designers in all over the world.
  • Dress uniform – Uniforme de gala
    Have you bought a dress uniform?
  • Dressing-room – Vestidor
    At home, I’ve got a great dressing-room where i keep all my clothes.
  • Fashion-conscious – Pendiente de la moda
    I’m the least fashion-conscious person I know.
  • Fashion industry – Industria de la moda
    The fashion industry is not really important in our country.
  • Fashion house – Casa de modas
    Fashion houses design their clothes for young men and women.
  • Fashion model – Maniquí/modelo
    Fashion models are extremely thin at present.
  • Fashion parade . Desfile de moda
    Cibeles is a cool fashion parade actually.
  • Fashion show – Desfile
    Not many people can afford to pay the dresses that are shown in fashion shows.
  • Gender role – Estereotipo sexual
    Gender roles in today’s society are defined less strictly than they were.
  • Jewellery Shop – Joyería
    Last night a jewellery shop was burgled opposite my house.
  • Linen shop – Tienda de lencería
    My sister started being employed at a linen shop in Barcelona last week.
  • Menswear shop – Tienda de ropa de hombre
    I work at new menswear shop.
  • Range of styles – Variedad de estilos
    In our class there is a big range of styles.
  • Suit man – Hombre de traje
    I’m not a suit man. I like my clothes to look casual.
  • The world’s catwalks – Las pasarelas del mundo
    The world’s catwalks are getting bigger and bigger.
  • Wedding gown -Vestido de novia
    Kate wore a great wedding gown at her marriage. I really liked it.
  • Bear down on – Ser pesado
    Models are beared down on at Cibeles’ fashion week.
  • Change back – Devolver
    I will not use it, so I canged it back.
  • Dress up – Disfrazarse
    We’re going to dress up in Halloween.
  • Take off – Quitarse (la ropa)
    I’m going to take my pants off, I have to wash them.
  • Make up – Maquillar
    Her look seems much prettier when she makes up her face.
  • Try on – Probarse (ropa)
    When I go shopping I always try on clothes.
  • Pay back – Reembolsar, devolver dinero
    My t-shirt was faulty, so i went back to the shop and they pay me back.
  • Put on – Ponerse
    I’ve just put on the new sweater.
  • Badly made – Mal hecho/fabricado (defectuoso).
    His jacket was badly made, so he had to changed back to the shop.
  • Elegantly dressed – Elegantemente vestido/a
    She went to the show elegantly dressed.
  • More desirable – Más atractivo/a
    Lisa is more desirable than Marta, however, Marta looks cuter.
  • Save up – Ahorrar.
    When I want to buy new clothes I have to save up for months.
  • Cut down on – Reducir.
    My mum thinks I should cut down on what I spend.
  • Dress up – Arreglarse.
    I always dress up when I go clubbing.
  • Keep up – Estar al día en algo.
    Honestly, I can’t keep up with my friends because they are very fashionable.
  • Stand out – Destacar/ser visto claramente.
    Last night I wore bright colours, so I stood out on the dance floor.
  • Slip on – Ponerse algo de ropa rápidamente.
    As I was late back from work, I quickly slipped on a dress.
  • Put together – Combinar.
    My friend Victoria put together the most outrageous outfit when we go out at night.
  • Take back – Devolver.
    I took a jacket back last week because it was badly tailored.
  • Go out – Salir a divertirse.
    Last Thursday we went out clubbing because it was my birthday.

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