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Colocaciones, phrasal verbs y ejemplos relacionado con viajes

Hemos visto anteriormente cierto vocabulario relacionado con los viajes, por lo que para ampliar un poco ese conocimiento adquirido, a continuación, podéis ver una serie de ejemplos haciendo especial hincapié en ese vocabulario, además añadiendo los phrasal verbs, collocations y expresiones más usadas:

  • Air traffic – Tráfico aéreo
    The air traffic is intense because we are on holidays.


  • Cruise ship – Crucero
    Tickets for cruise ships are very expensive nowadays.


  • Expedition leader – Líder de  expedición
    The expedition leader led us to a safe place.


  • Hair-raising – Espeluznante
    It was a bit hair-raising to see the sharks around our boat.


  • Hand-Luggage – Equipaje de mano
    If you only have hand luggage, you will board the plane early.


  • Health Insurance – Seguro médico
    You should get health insurance in order to have a safe trip.


  • Passport holder – Titular de un pasaporte
    British passport holders no longer need a visa to visit the US.


  • Rubber boat – Lancha neumática
    There were ten of us in a tiny rubber boat.


  • Town centre – Casco urbano
    The best shops of the city are in the town centre.


  • Travel agent – Agencia de viajes
    Travel agents inform about places and countries.


  • Windproof coat – Abrigo cortavientos
    In my recent trip to the Antarctic I needed a good windproof coat.


  • Keen photographer – Aficionado a la fotografía
    My uncle is a keen photographer.


  • Large suitcase – Maleta grande
    I had to but a large suitcase to go to Ireland.


  • Private jet – Avión privado
    I would like to have a private jet.


  • Private pool – Piscina privada
    We cannot swim here, it’s a private pool.


  • Smoking area  – Zona de fumadores
    When I go to the restaurant, I sit far from the smoking area.


  • Steep hill  – Colina empinada (o escarpada)
    We had to climb up a steep, icy hill.


  • Swimming area – Zona de baño
    The lagoon is not a swimming area.


  • Terrific view – Vista fantástica
    We could see some terrific views from the top of the hill.


  • Thriving fishing industry – Próspera industria pesquera
    There used to be a thriving fishing industry in this area at one time.


  • Warm clothes – Ropa de abrigo
    You better wear warm clothes in Iceland, it’s pretty cold there.


  • Board a plane – Embarcar en un avión
    I have to switch of my cell phone because I am going to board the plane.


  • Book a hotel – Reservar un hotel
    If they had booked a hotel, they wouldn’t have cancelled the trip.


  • Catch a flight – Coger un vuelo
    Because of the traffic, I couldn’t catch my flight.


  • Damp rubbish – Verter basura
    Cruise ships are not allowed to dump rubbish in certain unspoilt parts of the world.


  • Get a tan – Broncearse
    We got a good tan during our holidays.


  • Go skiing – Ir a esquiar
    I am going to go skiing next winter.


  • Go sightseeing – Ir a visitar los lugares de interés
    Shall we go sightseeing around town?


  • Lead an excursion – Encabezar/dirigir una excursión
    Some Canadian scientists will lead two important excursions to the North Pole.


  • Make a tree house – Hacer una casa en los árboles
    The children made a little tree house in the forest.


  • Set a sail – Hacerse a la vela
    If we set the sail now, it’s at least two days’ sail away from here.


  • Spend holidays – Pasar las vacaciones
    My cousins are spending their holidays in Mallorca.


  • Take a cruise – Hacer un crucero
    I heard an interview about a man who recently took a cruise to the Antarctic.


  • Take a plane – Coger un avión
    We took the plane on time in Barajas.


  • Arrive at – Llegar
    They are going to arrive at 10, so we have to be prepared at 9:30.


  • Drive a car – Conducir un coche
    I am going to learn how to drive a car.


  • Feel like + (-ing) – Apetecer
    I don’t feel like eating for now.


  • Get over – Recuperarse
    After five days she got over her illness.


  • Go across – Cruzar
    The car didn’t see me when I was going across the street.


  • Go on holiday – Irse de vacaciones
    My parents are going on holiday to Africa tomorrow.


  • Keep on + (-ing) – Continuar
    You should keep on studying for your exam.


  • Ring up – Llamar por teléfono
    Remind me to ring up Sarah to tell her the news.


  • Stay in  – alojarse
    I usually stay in hotels when I go abroad.


  • Take away – Llevar fuera
    I always take away the trash in the evenings.


  • Walk into – Entrar
    When I walked into the museum, I was amazed by the decoration.


  • Take away – Llevar fuera
    I always take away the trash.


  • Do business with someone – Hacer negocios con alguien
    My uncle does business with Maria´s father.


  • Do military service – Hacer el servicio militar
    My brother does not have to do the military service.


  • Do someone a favor – Hacer un favor
    You would do me a favor letting me use that dictionary.


  • Do something for a living – Ganarse la vida
    What do you do for a living?


  • Do one’s best – Hacer todo lo posible
  • We did our very best to give our kids a good education.


  • Do the shopping – Hacer la compra
    I need to do the shopping because the refrigerator is empty.

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