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Ejemplo de “Motivational letter”

Este verano tenía pensado repetir la experiencia del año pasado, trabajar y disfrutar de Edimburgo al mismo tiempo (una de las mejores ciudades para pasar julio y agosto, pero sin dudar), pero lamentablemente parece ser que la diosa fortuna no está de mi lado y hay que seguir buscando otros lugares. En esta ocasión, aprovechando que he tenido que escribir una “motivational letter” o una carta de porqué me gustaría estar en x sitio, aprovecho y lo comparto con todos vosotros, aunque cambiando unos cuantos matices. Veréis algunos errores y algunas cosas que se podrían mejorar (como siempre), pero os puede servir como ejemplo de cómo realizar una “motivational  letter”..

También os pongo en negrita, lo que es sin duda esencial que toda “motivational letter” debe llevar. Espero que os guste, y como siempre, los comentarios son bienvenidos 🙂


Dear Sir or Madam:

I am Jamie, a 24 years old Spanish who lives in Valladolid. With this letter I would like to apply for participation as a volunteer in Leszno. I found your program in the database and I hope it is still active. I love the opportunity to volunteer for an EVS project at first sight (I recently discovered EVS), and I immediately knew I wanted to be a part of it. I think that to participate in social work, in a project like this, is the best way to do something that really fits to me. I feel the need to grow as a person, enriching my culture, and language and learning from people that are working. Moreover, the opportunity of an EVS project in Europe will provide me with a huge opportunity of having international exposure and multicultural perspective.

In September 2011, I had the opportunity to go to Bulgaria during my Erasmus program. In this period, altogether studying English Philology I had the opportunity to enrich myself meeting new cultures, and people all around the world. It was one of the best experiences I ever had.
In 2014, after finishing my degree in English Philology, I had the opportunity again to travel and work at the same time to Edinburgh and took part in an international festival called “Fringe Festival” working as a bar assistant. In this, I had the opportunity to improve my English level and meet people for all around the world (mostly from Australia, because it was the “guest country” that year in that festival). As you can see, I am a curious person who likes people and try to know as much as I can from everyone.
During the first months of this year, I have been doing a course for being a teacher for people who wanted to bring themselves up to date with English, and I had the opportunity there to meet courageous and exciting people who wanted to know more about English language. It was completely amazing to see how people can contagious you having the attitude of improving a new language every day.
I also have a high interest in being a volunteer, especially cultural events. Aside from the University, I work in a group that organizes social and cultural events in a non-profit organization for people who are in risk of social exclusion. Currently we are trying to organize a competition to involve as much people we can with the labor of people who tries to help people in a possible risk of social exclusion, just to encourage the rest of society in this important issue.
I am particularly interested in your project, because my aim is to work in an international field related to teaching languages, I want to know much more. I’m sure I can learn much from you and I hope to contribute also. More specifically, I have become much more interested after this year I am trying as well to teach Spanish for foreign people in the city I live (Valladolid) and most of them are polish people, and specifically one of them told me about how this project it could be very interesting for me to apply for.
During my time as a student and now trying it as a private teacher I obtained experience in working with a wide variety of people.

I have been a waitress, a bar maiden, an English-Spanish fair interpreter and translator. I enjoy working with people and know how to deal with conflicts. I can adjust easily to fit into any work environment and have no problem working as part of a team. I can also function individually by taking the initiative and the responsibility to accomplish tasks on my own. I can perform equally well in any environment and cope effectively with the stresses of reaching a deadline. I am quick to adapt to new situations and enjoy challenges in my work.
My other activities and interests include listening to music, watching movies and spending time with my friends and family. I enjoy sports especially running and swimming. Reading is also an important part of my life. I am eager to meet new challenges and finds ways to improve myself.
I am ready to learn and I would be very grateful if you would give me a change to contribute to this project. I thank you for your time and hope for a positive response. If you have any questions, please contact me via e-mail. I look forward to hearing from you.


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