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Lista de 100 expresiones partitivas en inglés [3]

Y terminamos la lista con la tercera parte; Si queréis ver la anteriores, tan sólo tenéis que pulsar aquí para ver la primera parte y aquí para ver la segunda. Espero que os resulte útil 😉

a sense of shameSentido de la vergüenzaI doubt he’s capable of feeling a sense of shame for what he’s done.
a minute of silenceUn minuto de silencioThere was a minute of silence before the game began.
a night of sleepUna noche de sueñoI think I’ve had about three nights of sleep in the six weeks since our baby was born.
a shower of rainUn chaparrónWe got caught in a shower of rain while walking to the station.
a grain of riceUn grano de arrozThere wasn’t a single grain of rice left in the village.
a pinch of saltUna pizca de salAdd two or three pinches of salt as the water is coming to the boil.
a wall of silenceUn muro de silencioThe fear of punishment created a wall of silence around the truth.
a cloud of smokeUna nube de humoAfter the riots, you could see clouds of smoke rising into the sky as buildings around the city burned.
a fall of snowUna nevadaA heavy fall of snow left the whole landscape a glistening white.
a cake of soapUna pastilla de jabónTalk about extravagant! She uses a new cake of soap each time she showers.
a feeling of sorrowUn sentimiento de tristeza/penaThere was a feeling of sorrow in the room as everyone thought about what had happened.
a bowl of soupUn plato/tazón/bol de sopaAs soon as we all sat down, she brought three big bowls of soup and three spoons.
a lump of sugarUn terrón de azúcarThere was a little jar on the table full of lumps of sugar.
a spoonful of sugarUna cucharada de azúcarHow many spoonfuls of sugar do you like in your tea?
a ray of sunshineUn rayo de luzBarry said his baby daughter was a little ray of sunshine in his life.
a cup of teaUna taza de téDo you prefer a cup of tea with your breakfast, or a cup of coffee?
a game of tennisUn partido de tenisIt’s just a game of tennis, so I don’t know why you’re getting so upset!
a clap of thunderEstallido de un truenoThe silence was shattered by two sudden, loud claps of thunder.
a moment of timeInstante/momentoIt was a moment of time that nobody who was there will ever forget.
a grain of truthUn grano de verdadShe said there wasn’t a grain of truth in her husband’s story.
an act of vengeanceUn acto de venganzaThe police suspected the fire had been deliberately lit as an act of vengeance.
an outbreak of violenceUn estallido de violenciaAfter years of injustice, outbreaks of violence were becoming more frequent.
a drop of wáterUna gota de aguaThe drop of water slowly grew, and then it fell from the tap.
a sign of wealthUn signo de riqueza/prosperidadThe signs of wealth that took him fifty years to earn hardly seemed worth it.
an ear of wheatUna espiga de trigoThe winning photograph is a close-up of a single ear of wheat.
a shot of whiskeyUn trago/chupito de whisky/güisquiAs soon as he sat down at the bar, Hunter downed a shot of whiskey.
a gust of windUna ráfaga de vientoA gust of wind grabbed the kite and swept it into an acrobatic loop.
a glass of wineUn vaso de vinoOur waiter knocked over two glasses of wine as he tried to set down a plate.
a pearl of wisdomUna perla de sabiduríaAfter stroking his beard and smiling, the guru dispensed a pearl of wisdom to his followers.
a block of woodUn bloque de maderaJam some blocks of wood behind its back wheels, or the truck will roll down the hill.
a ball of woolUna bola de lanaIt’s just a tangle of wool now, but it was a ball of wool before our kitten found it.
a day of workUn día de trabajoThe workers only get five or six dollars for a full day of work.


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